Recommend: Andrew Dunham The Chiswick Backman – Myopractics

Myopractics in West London

Myopractics in London - Chiswick -workspace of Andrew Dunham The Chiswick Backman Tel 07877 366715

Workspace of Andrew Dunham -The Chiswick Backman – Contact 07877 366715

This fabulous image is of the workspace of Andrew Dunham, also known as The Chiswick Backman. If you’re in West London and have issues with muscle and joint pain, headaches, stiff necks, back pain, intestinal complaints, or are in need of general revitalisation, then I’d highly recommend you make contact with him.

He uses myopractics: a non-invasive form of dynamic manipulation. If you are already familiar with osteopathy or chiropractics, you will recognise several of the manipulative techniques, although myopractics has its own unique approach. Myopractics is generally much gentler and less invasive than many manipulative therapies, while having a far greater success rate.

I’ve known Andew since the late 1990s. He is a superb human being and all round interesting guy.


Andrew Dunham was born in 1971 in Bristol and moved to Pennsylvania at the age of 18. His journey brought him to Arizona, where he was inspired to study Myopractics after a very successful treatment which he received. After graduating, his travels led him to the Caribbean and latterly Japan, before settling his practice in West London. His interests include writing, gardening, ambient music, aromatherapy and exploring nature. He is a member of MENSA, plays didgeridoo and his book, The Temporal Cartographer can be bought from LULU.

Andrew’s training includes education at the Institute for Natural Therapeutics in Mesa, Arizona, as well as time spent in myopractic clinics run in Scottsdale, Sedona and Tucson Arizona as well as Los Angeles, California.

Contact Andrew: The Chiswick Backman

UPDATE // Andrew is no longer living in the UK.


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