Songs of Spheres by David J Rodger

Dang, this is a fantastic and positive review of my collection of short stories Songs of Spheres.

Walking Widdershins

One of the things I appreciate about the stories written by science fiction & dark fantasy author, David J Rodger, is the shared universe aspect. It makes it extremely easy to pick up any single one of his stories and find yourself immediately immersed in that world with a ready-made primer built in to the narration. As you continue to read more of his work, you’ll feel how they all seem to tie together, without being dependent on one another.

The main protagonist for one story feels like he could also be the disgruntled unnamed gentleman briefly mentioned walking down the sidewalk in another. Spheres brushing up alongside each other in their own singular orbits.

Which brings me to his short story collection Songs of Spheres (which can be purchased for Kindle or Paperback)

Songs of Spheres by David J Rodger

I love this collection of short stories. There is a darkness that lingers with…

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