Post Pic: Girl with Gromit

Wallace had a stand-in this day

Girl with Gromit - Cheddar Gorge England - photo by David J Rodger

Girl with Gromit

August 2013. If you’re living in the South West of England you’ll probably be aware of the fact that the last few weeks have seen evenings and weekends dominated by gangs of parents and children roaming the city of Bristol – and slightly further afield – clutching maps that indicate the whereabouts of 80 giant Gromit statues. All sponsored by various individuals, celebs and businesses to raise money for charity. Each Gromit is different. Gromit spotting has brought a fantastic energy into a city already swirling and bubbling with an incredible atmosphere. It just makes Bristol even better

Two friends and I drove to Cheddar – ostensibly so one of them, Sharky, could eat but in reality so the big kid of the group could have her photo taken with the Cheddar Gromit.


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