Post Pic: Working on The Social Club

Arnolfini Cafe, Bristol

David J Rodger Arnolfini Cafe Bristol - Working on first draft of The Social Club

Djr @ Arnolfini Cafe – Working on first draft of The Social Club

August 2013. Working on review and edit of the novel: The Social Club. This photo was taken by Nice Guy Tony – a rare and long overdue rendezvous outside of the Yellow Dawn game environment. A chance to drink and shoot the breeze about stuff. We later went to the Watershed where I introduced him to the Norwegian card game of Olsen. He lost some money.  :o)

It also represents the period of time I’m starting to fall a little bit back in love with the Arnolfini cafe again. It has been diabolical for years and the whole atmosphere is still missing (but may be improving) –  I’m comparing it to the glory days of 1996 onwards and Mel H and co, when large groups of people huddled together on shared tables and there was just a sense of creative openness and community –  but, there is still… something, that I find appealing about the big white space and sunlight streaming in through the rows of windows to light up wooden surfaces with a honey coloured glow. I’m also enjoying the big shared tables which inevitably means I get chatting to strangers: one of my favourite things to do. You never know when a new friendship is swinging around a corner towards you.


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