YD 2.5.1 – small update to rulebook – correcting typo

Hi I’ve just updated Yellow Dawn Core Rulebook 2.5 to 2.5.1 to make the following minor corrections:

  • Page 128:
    • Section: “Damage is within vehicle DP” <> all references to Table 8.3 should be… Table 10.3 (Consequences of Vehicle Damage)
    • Table 10.3 “Consequences of Vehicle Damage” <> 01 – Catastrophe – Roll on Table 8.4 should be… roll on Table 10.4 (Catastrophic Failure in Vehicles)
    • I’ve also tweaked the text for section: “Damage is within vehicle DP” / explosive weapons & Concussion “blast phase-A” waves:  to remind the GM to consider the additional consequences to humans from explosive Concussion Wave described on Page(s) 280-281  which shows the chance of bodies being blown to pieces.


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David J Rodger – DATA



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