SNIP: A day for Yellow Dawn


Kelvin, aka, Sharky Bones McCoy arrived from Spain last night.  He’s crashing here in the UK for the next couple weeks.  One of the original players of my game from 1998, the system that GBH (Game Breaker Hagen) wrecked when he joined the group in 2005. All that led to me creating Yellow Dawn – so no bad thing. Got the whole gang turning up at 12. Nice Guy Tony, Doc Toc, Bergen Boy and GBH – to join Sharky for a whole day of post-apocalyptic adventure horror. You can read their latest exploits here.  Just had a note from a chap to say that Yellow Dawn got reviewed in ISSUE 23 of The Unspeakable Oath.  *gulp*  So I’ll be checking that out later with some apprehension as I know that the folks who put it together don’t mince their words.

Right, time for first mug  of coffee of the day and to plan the session. Have been easing my bruised brain in gently this morning with cups of tea.  Plotting the torment and suffering of player characters requires stronger stuff.  Mwahahaahaha *evil GM laugh*


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