Killer Review for my novel “Dog Eat Dog”

Thank You Reflexiones Finales

Killer review of my novel “Dog Eat Dog“.

Positive and they get the whole cyberpunk / sci-fi / post-apocalyptic horror mix. Often a mouthful to say, sometimes impossible to explain in a few words (for me, terrible at explaining myself) and it was real a challenge writing a book that blends all those together without losing the reader’s suspension of disbelief.  So I’m really pleased by this response.

Feature Headline Image: “Lost Road” – post apocalyptic landscape by Thibault Fischer (deviantART)


soundbites from the review:


“So what does cyberpunk meets post-apocalyptia feel like?  Well we start in Southern France near Marseilles.  The leftover medieval fortifications guarding towns are useful again.  The vast majority of people are armed with various medieval style weapons: swords, clubs, crossbows, etc. That being said, there are still some pretty serious bits of firepower still out there for those with the right connections.”


“…about 3/4 of the way through all the different strands start weaving themselves back together and it is a surprisingly tight package for covering so much ground.”


“It is written in a modern noir style mixed in with a heavy dose of brutal action adventure.  Which is to say that it is entirely unsuitable for children, and would not be enjoyed by adults who are adverse to foul language and extreme violence.”


“Did I enjoy the novel?  Yes, very much so. I would almost say surprisingly so. “


“…having both a lot of science fictional and supernatural horror elements, it still manages to maintain a grittier realism then many less speculative tomes.”


“The heroes, and even the heroic villains are very deadly people.  They are dangerous.  And they still mess up all the time.  They are playing for fairly high stakes, against intelligent (mostly) people, and intelligent people won’t let you win against them all the time.”


“To be honest, I if this novel is indicative of the authors usual efforts, I am surprised he is not better known.  I certainly intend to look closer at his other works.”


You should read the full review here.

Dog Eat Dog is a post-apocalyptic crime thriller set in the shared universe of David J Rodger after the event called Yellow Dawn

Available in paperback and Kindle formats

Dog Eat Dog

By David J Rodger


A monster of a book! Packed with action, compelling in its attention to detail and pace, and horror scenes that will leave your heart pounding




“Atmospheric and Creepy” – The Guardian on The Black Lake


“…a modern noir style mixed in with a heavy dose of brutal action adventure!” – Reflexiones Finales on Dog Eat Dog


David J Rodger’s vision of a post-apocalyptic world was given an opening on an epic scale with the hugely popular hit Dog Eat Dog. It is the first of three separate and unrelated books that occupy the shared universe of Yellow Dawn, sitting alongside successful, eerily haunting The Black Lake and the tense, slow-burning thriller of The Social Club.

In the wake of a cataclysmic event ten years ago (Yellow Dawn), Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira are two survivors, both hungry for money and power, and fuelled by a desire to carve their names onto this new world. One provides services of violence and protection for powerful corporate criminals in the Living City of New York; the other is a renegade intelligence agent forever running from the demons of his past. Both men are strangers until events bring them face to face in a bloody confrontation.

Complex politics, private armies, corruption and murder on a shocking scale this book spins from the ruins of Europe to the desperate heartland of a fragmented America. The size of the story is vast but the focus is tightly entwined around the raging emotions of these two men. Will they work together or will bitter rivalry lead to their destruction? Meanwhile something terrible has stepped into the new shadows of the darkened Earth. A chilling horror from beyond the stars and it has its own plans for Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira.

The former Creative Director of Cunning, Floyd Hayes, described Dog Eat Dog as “the best Sci-Fi I’ve read in ten years.” Although the first novel to be set in the world after Yellow Dawn, Dog Eat Dog builds on another five novels that take place before Yellow Dawn ever happened; there is a solid, well-defined universe for readers to engage with.

This is novel of grand vision, character depth and nerve-popping tension



Available to buy in paperback from LULU Global

Available to buy in paperback from Amazon UK ¦ USA ¦ DE

Available to buy on Kindle UK ¦ USA ¦ DE


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