Home Made Techno Party

Take an ordinary basement…

Home Made Night Club - Before The Party Starts - Photo by David J Rodger

Home Made Night Club – Before The Party Starts – Photo by David J Rodger

Apply sound system, lights and a giant disco ball. Et voilà! All you need now are your guests…

June 2013. I’ve not long returned from a couple weeks away in the arctic circle – visiting family in Norway and then a pretty epic road trip north through the wild tangle of mountains, fjords and remote islands. I come back to an invite from one half of The Crew, Chessman and Ginster, a couple who I met during the whole Olympic celebrations thang going on in Bristol last year (May ’12). It was a random encounter that led to us becoming friends that night. Simple as that. It just happened. And was an experience that also included a total stranger called Jeff – aka Magic Man – getting roped into our moment of friend-making. And so he also became a friend that night. Funny how life can deal you a hand full of Aces like that. Love it. So, The Crew was in full effect. Chessman and Ginster threw a house-warming party. And true to their character(s) they had converted their simple basement into a proper little club. Decks. Lights. Sound system and a swollen monster of a glitter disco ball suspended from the ceiling beam. There were many casualties. All damage was sustained in the knowledge it was for the greater good: awesome night.


Video Slice

A little silly something I cut together from video I took of the night.

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