Fan compares my novel “Dante’s Fool” to crime thrillers by Rankin / Dexter

Great Review

It’s always a pleasure to find somebody enjoys your work but this was a real treat.  From the Customer Review section on LULU for the novel Dante’s Fool.

By Sue Pay
I’d not heard of David J. Rodger, being more of a Rankin/Dexter fan! But it was suggested that if I liked crime thrillers I try Dante’s Fool…I was hooked, really enjoyed it. Strong, believable characters and a storyline with the thought-provoking twist of the occult. I’ll be reading more of David’s books, and will definitely be looking out for the sequel to this one!
Further News about “Dante’s Fool”:
I’ve started the process of making all of my novels available to buy as paperbacks from Amazon.
It’ll be available from Amazon (Europe) and in the next few days, although it’s available to order now, from Amazon Create Space:
Dante’s Fool is also available on Kindle formats: BUY > kindle: US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro)
Finally, if you know / like the paperbacks from publisher LULU, then they’re currently offering 20% discount on all my work before midnight today, 9th August.  Just use coupon code ARDENS20 (case-sensitive) at checkout.
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