Post Pic: Arkham Cemetery – Arnos Vale

Fog shrouded graves at Arnos Vale

Statues in the mist within cemetery - Arnos Vale - Bristol - England - copyright David J Rodger

Arnos Vale Cemetery – Copyright David J Rodger

It was an ordinary day until the fog came in. Slow and heavy, blurring the outlines of everything beyond the window. With a pulse of excitement I grabbed my camera and hurried outside. Short 10 minute walk to Arnos Vale Cemetery. Fantastic place that hugs the edges of Brislington and Totterdown in Bristol (England). The sign outside said: GATES LOCKED BEFORE SUNSET. Great, nice and vague. I found the groundskeeper and he said, “You’ve got 10 minutes.”  So I rushed in and quickly found myself a little lost. The fog. And the fact this was before Arnos Vale had its thorough slash and cut campaign to tidy up the dense foliage clogging many of the walkways. Fantastic spooky vibe. The silence was tangible, a turgid mass wrapping around me as the fog drifted past in layers.  And then… sunlight.  Punching through from above.  A remarkable transformation in such a short space of time, and with the light came fresh sounds. Life, uncoiling from its paralysis of fright before the horrors of the night returned.  Love this place.   It became the inspiration for a short story called “Arnos Vale” that I used in the collection of 15 shorts SONGS OF SPHERES: Paperback: LULU & Amazon Kindle: US ($), UK (£), DE (Euro), FR (Euro).

Arnos Vale Cemetery Bristol UK - grave headstones and tree-dappled sunlight - ghostly images

Dead Sun over Arnos Vale – Copyright David J Rodger


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