SNIP: Another creative weekend ends


07:02, dialing in from the Sky Bunker, sitting here with grey rainy light seeping through the glass canopy behind my head. Good weekend. Reached Chapter 13 of the new novel Oakfield. And did 6,000 words. Total word count now 36,000 and I feel like I’m beyond halfway through the novel so this is looking like it’s going to be a fast read. Saturday was funny. Took a “da Vinci” break around 6pm and instead of snoozing for 15 minutes I woke up around 10pm. Guess I needed the sleep. Sunday I was up at 7 am – quick hot shower and fresh clothes. By 7.30 I’m sitting in my favourite guilty pleasure eating breakfast and supping a large coffee. I drove on, into town, parked by the harbour and walked 5 miles… mulling over the recent chapters in my head, spotting adjustments that needed to be made and creating a mental armature for the next scenes to wrap around.  Full day of writing after that.  Stopped around 7pm and switched to editing The Social Club, which is due out later this year. Finally switched off around 8.30 and started to watch LUTHER, the BBC detective series with a fantastic edge. Made me smile because it was something a few of my mates have been banging on about for ages – that I HAD to watch this because it was like watching one of my novels. Reference to Dante’s Fool.   I can kind of see what they’re saying. LUTHER is jaw-droppingly good.  If I’m anywhere near as good as that then I’m seriously flattered by the comparison.


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