SNIP: Saturday morning


Another weekend arrives. Damn that week just flew by. *grins* And so here I am. Back in the Sky Bunker, rubbing sleepy eyes, hair all in a mess, wearing a pair of fresh under-crackers and a business shirt I grabbed from the pile beside the laundry basket.  It’s hot up here.  And I don’t need to look nice for what’s coming.  I’ve got two days ahead of me – more or less uninterrupted – to spend on the book. Oakfield. This is the one I started early June before vanishing to the Arctic and have spent most of July bashing through it. I finished chapter 11 last night – now on 30,000 words.

*interlocks fingers and cracks knuckles*

I’ve got coffee. I’ve got what I need for a Norwegian breakfast later. I’ve got no reason to leave this house until meeting Oj’s crew at Harvey Nicks for cocktails later.  Let’s see what I can get done.


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