SNIP: Return of the Mood


Return of the Mood. That weird sensory cross-wires thing that I get in my brain every now and again is back. An all-pervading “smell” that doesn’t actually exist, but something that grows in strength and intensity and also resonates with an emotional chord – effecting and overwriting my mood. Usually I love it. There’s a few flavours. This one dates back to 1989 after I’d just returned from Norway – surprise surprise, I’ve just returned from Norway.  It’s been evolving slowly since it started on Monday. Hopefully it’ll last over the weekend.

Right now listening to Song for Lindy, Fat Boy Slim. You need VOLUME.


Today’s been a productive day. Met up with Nick and Simon outside the Boston Tea Party in Bath this morning. They’re a couple of seriously interesting blokes I’ve gotten to know over the last few weeks by pure random encounter – and the fact we are all regulars. Every morning. Familiar faces and all that jazz.  Nick’s a criminal defense lawyer and has a charisma the size of a planet: one of those people who people just… like.  Simon’s a freelance location scout for the movie industry -and can tell story after story with a voice you just want to sit and listen to. Together they’re hilarious good fun. Simon’s also an utter bastard at the game of chess. I’ve seen him take on people, sitting under the awning outside, and destroy them in minutes so I’m gearing up to test his mettle in August when I switch to “no writing month” mode and spend my morning’s relaxing rather than burning brain cells with another book.

Talking of which… finished chapter 10 of Oakfield tonight. Will post up tomorrow or the weekend.


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