WiP: The Social Club – first chapter of a new post-apocalyptic political crime-thriller

Work in Progress

Finally, some words are starting to see light in a public arena.

The Social Club: This is the novel I started in April last year, before pausing to write The Black Lake (I’m glad I did because it scored some great interest in my work; the Guardian described The Black Lake as “Atmospheric and Creepy”), then life got busy. Traveling Malta, touring around Sicily, starting to write Rise of the Iconoclast (silly distracted boy) only to pause that to resume this one. I finished The Social Club in June this year – but out of those 14 months of living the book only took 5 months to write.  Most of June was taken up with being away in the arctic, so now I’m back, I’m going through the whole process of proofreading and editorial on the novel – plus I’m also working on two new novels: Oakfield and Sunder Gloom. Busy busy.

The Social Club is described as post-apocalyptic. That’s because it’s set in the “Mythos-shattered” half of the shared universe all my novels occupy. You can read the books in any order because they’re all separate.  The Social Club takes place after the event known as Yellow Dawn.

I don’t want to give much away. Have a read.  If want to share thoughts or have any questions, use the comments box below or send me a note via the contact form here.

Chapter One

{Removed 28th October but will be back in a few days}.


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