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22:50 hrs.  Sunday night.  Christ. Haven’t stopped all weekend. Went to a small party on Friday night but come Saturday morning I was up and working on Oakfield. Good progress with that one. Went into town yesterday evening. Roof down on the Flea and parked up by the harbourside to enjoy some down time but my brain was mush.  I’ve spent all of today reworking most of my novel covers (except God Seed and the collection of stories – Songs of Spheres).  Reason for doing this was to bring more of a sense of consistency of brand to them.  There’s a lot of books now, all of them different – although they occupy one shared universe.  So this has been a good thing to do.  I’ve also reworked  the back of book blurbs.  See what you think:

God Seed

God Seed { novel } For acclaimed documentary film-maker, Adam Kyle, this was going to be another feather in his cap. Embedded within a team of highly-trained corporate mercenaries, he is covering the start of an operation in England. But when the operation goes terribly wrong, Kyle finds himself battling for his life, his sanity, and maybe even his very soul as a new and dramatic story unfolds, dragging him across the globe…and beyond. It isn’t just his documentary that is at stake, but the fate of every living thing in the Universe. David J Rodger delivers a gut-wrenching and epic journey in a novel that plunges deep into the crawling chaos and takes you to the edge of the membrane of human existence.

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The Black Lake

The Black Lake { novel } The Earth has been ravaged by an event known as Yellow Dawn. Ten years later, survivors are putting lives back together and probing the frontiers of a new Wilderness; whilst overhead the orbital colonies glide across the sky, removed and unaffected. Five men leave the fortress island of Malta on an expedition to the sub-Arctic waters above Scotland. They intend to undertake scientific observations of an alien meteorological phenomenon that has followed the apocalyptic event. What they find is a cosmic horror that seethes amongst the shadows of a shattered Earth. It is a story of escape and wonder, of madness and terror. David J Rodger delivers a novel that tears open a rent in the boundary of reality, providing a nerve-jarring glimpse of the Outer Chaos and the horrors that hungrily cluster just beyond the threshold of our fragile, human existence.

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Dante’s Fool

Dante’s Fool { novel } Detective Sergeant Louis Cloud is a tough London cop hungry for power and promotion, and he’ll do anything to get it. When two investigations cross each other around a mysterious deep space mining corporation he quickly learns there are other forces out there – and things from other planes of reality – that will also stop at nothing to get what they want. With his life thrown into turmoil, Cloud struggles to keep his career and his sanity intact as he plunges towards a terrifying confrontation with one of the sub-princes of Hell. Hurled into this violent mix of corruption and demonism is Natalya Dorganskya; previously the adorable daughter of a deceased global movie-star, she now uses her skills as a world-class pilot in bold criminal raids.  A path that quickly brings her head to head with Cloud and the non-human things that have come stalking through time and space to take back what she has stolen.  David J Rodger delivers a dark and edgy vision of the near-future in a novel that reveals the boundaries between the Satanism and the Cthulhu Mythos.

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Iron Man Project

Iron Man Project { novel } Former special-forces operative, Vincent Brent, is tough, ruthless and highly trained. Now he’s using his skills for whoever will pay him without cashing in the bounty on his head. In this world of the near future, the UN has failed. Wars are fought in boardrooms through attorneys and politics, and on our streets with private armies of military and criminal assets.  In Sicily, Jean-Luc Korda, Chief of Security for a powerful corporate alliance wields one such army – a potent mercenary force – in the fight against kidnap, extortion, blackmail and sabotage. But unseen enemies plot to use his position against him.  In England a young woman must die.  Her life, or death, will decide the fate of both men.  In the cross-hairs of powerful adversaries, Korda and Brent must both make decisions in a choice between command and conscience. David J Rodger delivers a palm-sweating ride in a compelling novel that will keep you turning pages until the brutal end.

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EDGE { novel } Ethan Carmichael is a global superstar in the world of tech. His revolutionary developments push the boundaries of electronics and science. But close to total burn out he presses eject on the stress to take time out.  A luxury snowboarding resort in New Zealand seems like the perfect place. But the volcanic mountain is a gateway to something not of this world, or even this Universe. For centuries it has been absent. The Maori spoke of it only in nightmares. Now it is returning, slowly yet inexorably, with monstrous consequences for those in the resort as madness takes hold, and then the murders start to happen.  On the other side of the world, Halo Santana, an unscrupulous concept scout scrambles onto the trail of a new technology that has vanished from a corporate R&D lab. Quickly out of his depth, he enters a frantic race to track down the missing components before his buyers have him killed. Both men find their fates tangled in a deadly web of lies, treachery and alien horror. David J Rodger delivers relentless narrative pace in a tense action-packed novel.

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Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog { novel }Ten years after the Earth has been devastated by a viral pathogen seventy per cent of the population is dead and only a handful of cities survive intact. The majority of urban spaces have been abandoned to the Infected. Whilst above, the orbital colonies spin within their artificial gravity wells, helpless observers to the shocking events below. Mikhail Drobná and Carlos Revira. Two survivors, both hungry for money and power, and fuelled by a desire to carve their names onto this new world. One provides services of violence and protection for powerful corporate criminals in the Living City of New York; the other is a renegade intelligence agent forever running from the demons of his past. Strangers, until events bring them face to face in a bloody confrontation. Complex politics, private armies, corruption and murder on a shocking scale. Both men seek to sieze their opportunity at whatever cost. But a cosmic Evil has infiltrated the remote corners of these brutalised lands and it has its own plans for this world. Will these men work as one to defeat it or will their bitter rivalry bring about their destruction? In the end, who will devour who? David J Rodger delivers a novel of epic vision, character depth and nerve-popping tension.

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Living in Flames

Living in Flames { novel } For Dex Raškovic, Bristol was supposed to be a place to get his life back together. Bounced out of the marines on a dishonourable discharge ticket, he’s ended up working for a violent criminal family; running a nightclub, selling genetically modified drugs and looking for the next side-angle to skim some profit. Still, he’s got girls and he’s got money. Things are looking up. But then he finds a carved African idol clutched in the hands of a dead man who is barely human.  It’s a discovery that changes his world forever.  The consequences shred through everything and everyone he’s come to know in the city. Whilst the bruised history of Bristol is pulled into sharp media focus, the tendrils of an ancient merchant family reach out to destroy their enemies.  And a carrion God, lying dormant for three hundred years, slowly unfolds within the dark spaces beneath the streets.

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