Snip: Thursday morning


Productive day yesterday. Did some work on Oakfield during the morning and finished the re-write of the “back of book blurb” for the existing seven novels and the collection of short stories (that was fun, not!). Last night the weather was far too nice to spend yet another evening up here in the Sky Bunker. So I took the MS for The Social Club, drove into town with the roof down, parked up and walked to the harbourside. Sat there on the edge of the water outside the Arnolfini with a red pen clutched in my hand. The MS is already about halfway through with proofreading but I went back in with the red pen and started  hacking out small pieces here and there that just made me think: waffle.  Also had a phone call with my regular sounding board Doc Toc, talking through the plot for Oakfield – as I’m having to re-hash the whole last section of the proposed plot now that the main character has just gone off and done something different to what I’d originally planned. Damn characters. Not like I control them or anything.

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