Snip: character changes end of book


Had a bloody excellent night of writing last night and again this morning. Managed to wrap up an entire chapter. Only thing is the main character has gone off the script, so to speak. Working the chapter I felt the characters involved were more likely to follow a certain course of action – and this has taken them totally onto virgin territory as far as what I had originally planned for them goes. So now I’m desperately working to flesh out a new bullet-point structure for the plot of  the last half of the book. Arrrrrgh.

Also managed to finish off the photos from the Norway trip. Which is a relief because writing them up and posting them up was taking up masses of my time.

Sales have dropped the past two months so I need to get my marketing and promotions hat on again. Ugh. Writing the novel is easy. It’s everything else that happens next that’s the hard part. (0)(-)



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