Yellow Dawn Session Notes 13th July ¦ East to Prudence #2

Murky Massacres and Coastal Beauty

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also has two novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake.


South of France Coastline - 1

South of France Coastline – 1

Resume evening 17th March 60 miles east of Aigues-Mortes
Alex and Jean-Luc head off from the abandoned utility building with the hacked-apart corpses of three Infected lying in the mud. They are going to catch-up with Winter and Brendan later.

Winter and Brendan are conscious of the fact it will be dark in a few hours. They press East for half a mile to get some distance from the building and then make camp. Next day, a huge rain storm hits. Winter hasn’t got waterproof gear so they retreat back to the grim utility building.

The rain storm lasts for another five days. Five days stuck inside the abandoned concrete shell. Five days living on rations and the water they brought with them – conscious of how lucky they are to have had these supplies. One evening, something drops from the sky outside: a monstrous winged creature, twice the size of a man, with a metal clad rider on its back. Warrior Orc. The thing comes into the building (for shelter) – and so Winter and Brendan spend an afternoon and a night hiding out upstairs trying not to make a sound. And horribly aware of the winged, thing, lurking in the grounds below.

The next morning it is gone. As is the rain. And then the eye of a hurricane strikes. The building is nearly flattened.  Both Brendan and Winter hunker down beneath the stairs as the upper floor is literally torn apart. After 30 minutes it passes. They sigh with relief until 30 minutes later the far edge of the slowly moving eye of this monstrous storm passes through. Even more destruction but both men survive.

They spend the rest of that day and then most of the next day walking to remaining distance to Prudence. It’s been a LONG journey.

10 miles from Prudence they have to pass through the grim, choking, dust-filled area of mine work being carried out by a very mechanised crew called MAGNA MINES.

Just past this the coastline becomes staggering in its beauty. This is the south Mediterranean at its best.

They see a large platform moored several hundred metres out to sea. Rainbow colours on their flags. Greenhouses and pre-fab structures. Scientists. Brendan gazes out from the coast and waves. One of them notices, waves back. A speedboat comes along with a blonde-haired woman – she waves too, and the carves round to moor-up at the platform.

Winter and Brendan press on. A few minutes pass and they see the silent, ominous form of a grey-painted war catamaran (UTOC colours) slipping out from around a rocky peninsular. It opens fire on the platform with rockets. Then men in black combat gear board the platform and shoot survivors.  Brendan and Winter watch in mute horror.

Finally, dazed and wary, they reach Prudence.

Prudence is beautiful. Several dozen brightly painted fishing houses scattered up a steep rise from the sea. The shallows are turquoise and aquamarine in colour. There is also a collection of pre-fab structures and blister domes strung together on the west-side of the small settlement. Some kind of lab complex. People in white coats move around inside (TCAC, is the sign outside).  Down by the water a large jetty has been constructed and the area is busy with tough fishermen.

Brendan and Winter buy fresh fish, water and some fruit and settle down for a well-earned rest. They acquire lodgings with a married couple, two hardy French fisherfolk called Renoi and Gilline.  They get on very well and enjoy the company and tales these two guests bring with them from Aigues-Mortes and their journey.

GM NOTE: 10 copper a night each, they’ve paid for three nights up front and have stayed 2 nights.

Next day:
> Renoi takes Brendan out on his boat. See the area where so many fisherman have been found dead. Rock formation called Devil’s fingers.
> Winter goes to TCAC and finds their contact, Norbert, who runs Genetex Services. Norbert confirms that he’s been paid in advance (thank you) to complete one set of tests on any samples Winter brings him.
> Winter and Brendan need to find some of the dead fish that have been washed ashore after one of these weird deadly phenomenons: Breath of the Balrog.
> Brendan learns about the Deep Core Injection Plant run by HE. Who process toxic waste from TerraGreen 80 miles to the east. TerraGreen are having issues with supply of vital raw minerals from MAGNA Mines (characters haven’t found out what the issue is yet); also having issues with UDP hammering them about environmental damage – hence the contract TerraGreen have signed with the DCIP.
> Winnter and Brendan visit the local doctor. He has a survivor from the Rainbow platform in a room. Sedated. Doctor says the survivor believes it was UTOC who attacked, and believes the men didn’t want to kill him but actually made sure he lived. The doctor is dubious.
> Winter and Brendan visit Ted Schmidt the Regional UDP Governor who lives here in Prudence. He has a very space-age “mobile office” unit attached to the side of his fishing house. He drives a nice jeep. Wears nice clothes and has a lot of nice things. When Winter and Brendan meet him he’s just returned from somewhere; he has reddish-yellow dust on him (Winter believes this is from Magna mine).  They tell Ted that they’re investigating the mysterious deaths for interested parties in Aigues-Mortes.  Ted is keen to know WHO and what kind of experience the characters have – previous jobs etc – in being INVESTIGATORS. He’s gregarious and pushy.  Ted tells them that the most likely consequence of all these deaths (he blames geological forces) is that Prudence will have to close. He’s already completing the paperwork to submit to his UDP superiors – who control the area – to enforce just such a request. Winter and Brendan are suspicious of Ted Schmidt’s motives for being so keen to shut the place down. Has Ted been bought out by one of the corporations in the area? Or is he just overly keen to do his job?

Next day:
> Winter and Brendan try to find dead fish. They explore the coastline on foot. They see a small rib land with two men dressed in black combat gear. Just like the UTOC war catamaran. One man clambers off and brings a black-painted trial-motorbike onto land, then scoots off on it. The rib and single crewman returns to sea.
> Winter and Brendan are given dead fish by Renoi when the fishing fleet return from a day at sea. Marcel braved the Devil’s Teeth and nearly died when an incident happened.
> Winter and Brendan go to TCAC and visit Norbert who is just closing up his lab. He takes the samples to put in fridge. He’ll do the tests tomorrow.  Winter and Brendan thank him then decide to make use of the large blister pod that acts as a hub between many of the small labs. Sofas. Coffee. Internet access. They grab coffee and mention the figure they saw walking out as they walked in, earlier, with their sample. The figure had an odd air about him. Tough. And he seemed to recognise Winter – and then hid it. Who was he? They wonder. Just as an explosion rips through the labs.
> Massive damage to labs. Brendan is impaled by a piece of carbo-plastic. But there are no fatalities. Just lots of shocked and dazed scientists. The fishing community rush up and help. Everyone outside. Brendan and Winter see that Norbert is safe but the samples destroyed – and his equipment. However, it wasn’t his lab that was the focus. It was the lab next door. Sally McGee is running a project there. They encounter Sally. She’s just got back from a long hike in hills with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the success of her project – and she is understandably appalled to see that it is now in ruins. All her research gone. She has the notes. She could do it again, but she has no equipment and more importantly she needs extremely rare mineral (from a meteorite) to make it work. She is gutted.

Evening of 24thth March YD+10.
Winter and Brendan are walking away from the damaged labs, back to their lodgings with Renoi and Gilline. They have a lot of thinking to do and need to work out what to do next, now that they can’t get anything analyzed.

<> Jean-Luc and Alex are still on 15th March – need to follow that up.
<> 2 x Rank rolls required.
All money up to date.
Bela has some raw components and specialised components (written on your notepaper).


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