Saturday. Catching up with myself.

David J Rodger in Cable Car Cafe on mount Fløya, Tromso, Norway

Sitting in Cable Car Cafe on mount Fløya, Tromso, Norway


¦ Dialing in from  the Sky Bunker ¦

Feels like an age since I wrote anything personal on this thing. I’ve been away for much of June. Oslo and then an epic road trip through the arctic circle in the north of Norway. You can see the write-up so far, here.

So, I managed to have something of a lie-in this morning. Woken by intense sunlight pressing through the heavy curtains of the room. Nice to wake-up with a smile. I appreciate such moments.  Never underestimate the state of feeling normal.  Made the obligatory mug of tea for myself and sat up in bed for a few minutes, supping and thinking things through. I’m on a writing month this month.  Focusing on Oakfield, with work on Sunder Gloom simmering alongside the editorial / proofing of the novel I finished last month – The Social Club.  By 8 a.m. I’m sitting at my desk, here in the Sky Bunker at the top of this crumbling old house on a hill, and nailed my first 45 minute session of the day. And felt, flat.  Hmm. Not like me with writing.  Then I realised I was sitting there hairy, unwashed, looking like a caveman and ignoring some basic principles in the pursuit of word count progress. Stop. Go downstairs. Shave off 2 weeks of beard.  Long hot shower. Fresh fresh fresh. Music playing in different rooms.  And then sit down to a Norwegian breakfast for one. Oj’s away at the moment. When we came back from Norway last week we brought back a ton of things that I call the taste of home, including goats-cheese (brown cheese), Norwegian mayonnaise (creamy yellow it comes in rectangular see-through packets; snip the tiniest part of one corner off and you can squeeze it out in thin wavy lines), Norwegian caviar (fish paste in a tube). So I sat there with slices of bread, cheeses and a bowl of fish fillets.  One major thing missing. Coffee. Not a gram of the stuff left in the house. Shit. But I’m in too much of an insular mood to do the 10 minute walk down to the local shops and back. So tea it is, today.  Oakfield and working on the stack of photos from my arctic trip are the plan for the next few hours.

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