Travel Video: Wandering along the strange old pier behind the town

Svolvaer, Norway

Arctic Circle



Crossing the bridge the breeze carries a growing smell of diesel, engine grease and… fish. I walked through a set of industrial buildings and came around the corner to find myself walking past a load of fish drying in the air.

It feels like I’m in the middle of nowhere but Svolvaer itself is just over the water, which reaches in behind this house and continues on beneath the bridge I crossed to get onto this spit of land.

Eventually you pop out at the far end of this spit of land and find yourself on a concrete pier that curves out to sea. At the far end is an enigmatic statue, a figure of a hooded woman with one hand raise, facing outwards to welcome those who arrive by sea. I found a perch at the end of this thing and spent almost half an hour just sitting there, headphones on, gazing out to sea and enjoying the moments pass. And enjoying the fact it would not get dark. At all.

Fragments from the trip I recently completed:

Travel: Arctic Circle, Norway — June 2013
You can see photos and a write-up here:


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