Travel Video: Arctic Beach, Vesterålen Islands – Norway

Arctic Beach


Norway – Vesterålen Islands
This is why you need to pad your travel plan with extra time for this leg of the journey. Momements like this when your eyes lock onto something so utterly beautiful that your head starts to swing away from watching the road as you hurtle past. Snap decision. Pull over. There was a small place to do so. Decelerate from 80 to zero in a short distance. Rumble and bump of car wheels over rough terrain and stop. The silence then. Pop open car door and chilly air breezes in. The whispering caress of waves lapping the shore line. Sun warm against your skin as you cross the deserted road and walk down to the soft white sands. You can’t quite believe you’re here.

Fragments from the trip I recently completed:

Travel: Arctic Circle, Norway — June 2013
You can see photos and a write-up here:


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