Photography: Elemental Magic, Calling Down the Power – Lightning over Romania

Elemental Magic

spider lightning over- by Lazar Dinu - Romanian photographer living in Bucharest

Elemental Magic, Calling Down the Power – Lazar Dinu – all rights reserved

Part of a series of images from the shadowy fringes of the Internet.  Visuals that stir my sense for the eerie and macabre.

Fantastic photographic image. Kudos to Lazar for capturing Mother Nature in one of her provocative and evocative moods.  For me it conjures up the idea of a Road Mage (Yellow Dawn) or a dedicated disciple of the elemental arts, striding out in the wilderness to perform a magickal operation. The boundaries of mundane reality and the metaphysical planes buckle, shift and slide over each other to create a lens-like effect on our perception of a normally clear horizon. Potent energies are unleashed in a crackle and boom. The air turns chilly, freshens, damp with moisture and laced with the tang of ozone. As an observer you shudder in the abrupt shift in pressures. And then you jut your head forward, eyes-narrowed, squinting, as you try to perceive more clearly what you think you can see: a figure, a tiny black dot amongst the lush green expanse of this open landscape, moving arms and gesticulating wildly as the forces swirl and coalesce above his or her head.  And you wonder is the figure even human? Strange things have been witnessed now in these new deserted lands (Yellow Dawn) – not all with limbs or with hands or feet, and some without heads. Strange creatures that “tune in” to perception.  These are but rumours. But you’ve heard them often enough around the campfire to suspect there must be some grain of truth in these survivor tales from nearby corners.

Lazar Dinu lives in Bucharest, Romania. You should check out more of his work at:


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