WiP: The Social Club – 90,800 words

Work in Progress

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦

90,000 words on the Social Club. Layers of the onion are being peeled away. Senior verifier Jadon Purgo is starting to see the big truth at the heart of it all. The thick plottens!  Time for a Da Vinci break (15 minute power snooze).

1 hour Later…

90,800. And there ends the night. 9pm rule. No computer work after nine o’clock. And I can start to see the end in sight. Maybe another 10,000 words? Excitement threaded through with the frustration and impatience of just wanting it to be done. Which misses the whole point of writing: it’s the “doing” that is the pleasure.  Because once you finish the book, wrap-up the proofing and editing and set the thing to sail into the marketplace, you never get to spend quality time with those characters again. Those friends inside the mind that have shared the long hours and sacrifices that brings them out of the darkness of subconscious and into the daylight of reality.  Blech! Waffling. You get the point. :o)

The Social Club will be the third novel set in the post-apocalyptic survival horror universe of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur; it follows Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake (which recently received critical review in the Guardian newspaper website UK) – all three of which are separate stories but sharing the one universe.  Another five novels exist taking place in this shared universe before Yellow Dawn wrecked such global havoc and devastation, you can view all of these novels here


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