Cthulhu Mythos Art: Shadows of the Game

1920s female investigator plays Call of Cthulhu


H P Lovecraft art - 1920s female investigator plays Call of Cthulhu by Pintureiro

1920s female investigator plays Call of Cthulhu by Pintureiro – click full size

Part of a series of images from the shadowy fringes of the Internet.  Visuals that stir my sense for the eerie and macabre.  Or in this case, the fun-filled tongue-in-cheek twist on a classic Mythos concept.

This is a lovely piece of art by the super-talented Pintureiro. One of the foundation stones of the Cthulhu Mythos is the notion that dabbling with it in any way is an invitation to madness. Simple fact. We – humans – do not have the emotional integrity to cope with the Cyclopean shifts in comprehension that can come from exposure to cosmic truths of our – human – position in the teeming universe. Step beyond the Quantisphere into the squirming fury of the Outer Chaos and everything you hold dear, those cornerstones of education and knowledge, just don’t look quite right.  If they fit at all.  It’s all a question of perspective. A concept that tends to break down within the mind-warping heat of Mythos energies. In this image a female investigator is playing the game.  The shadow on the wall conveys the forewarning of what will be the result of this.



Edge - a sci-fi dark fantasy novel by British author David J Rodger

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EDGE { novel } Ethan Carmichael, technical wizard and prolific inventor is close to burn out. Taking time out at a luxury snowboarding resort in New Zealand seems like the perfect opportunity to refresh his mind and spirit. But the mountain is a gateway to something much older than humankind, a malign and alien force that even now is oozing back into our reality, hungry for flesh and fear. On the other side of the world, Halo Santana, an unscrupulous concept scout scrambles onto the trail of a new technology that has vanished from a corporate R&D lab. Quickly out of his depth, he enters a frantic race to track down the missing components to save his life. Both men find their fates tangled in a deadly web of lies, treachery and a cosmic horror that comes from beyond the stars. David J Rodger delivers relentless narrative pace in a tense action-packed novel.


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