Yellow Dawn Session Notes 18th May ¦ Aigues-Mortes – East to Prudence #1

Heading East on a mission…

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by British Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also has two novels set within it: Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake.


Aigues-Mortes medieval crusader fort photograph from air

Aigues-Mortes established itself as a Living City with perfect defenses against the Infected. However only wealthy survivors get to live within the walls. Everyone else squabbles in the mud outside the walls – and this is where the Canal Market exists

RESUME 12th March  YD +10 (ten years after Yellow Dawn happened)
Bela and Winter to return to Aigues-Mortes. They’re now free men. They’ve left their jobs here at the market outside Aigues Mortes. Being back is strange despite it only being a few days since they’ve left.  Bela sees Abu and can’t stand the Somalian little piece of shit so walks away, tells Winter he’ll be back in a month – says he needs to be alone in the wilderness to work out what it was he saw that night at the sanctuary at Fable.

Meanwhile, Abu is harassing the young good-looking Portuguese Alex and his new friend (a slim, swarthy maker of moonshine from Marseilles: Jean-Luc).

Baron Toten Reich arrives on his horse, with a new character in tow: an Irishman called Brendan Black – there’s something not quite right about Brendan’s appearance, the eyes are a little too close together and his facial features are narrow and haunted. Dressed all in black, much like the Baron, but that’s where all similarity ends: Brendan’s clothes are caked in mud, his pale skin is greasy with sweat and grime from days being on the road. He exudes an aura of strangeness and seems to not say much but linger back, observing, everything, very closely.  (He is a low-level Road Mage.)

Toten Reich gives the group instructions to head east, to a small survivor settlement built around the tiny fishing port of Prudence. It’s recently been doing very well with fantastic catches of fish and a small tech industry setting up there funded by some UDP science groups who are interested in aspects of the local area.  Oddly, in the past 2 months, 24 fisherman have been found dead – adrift in their boats a few miles from Prudence. All of them asphyxiated.  Toten Reich has friends in Aiges-Mortes who have business interests in the booming fishing industry there and want to make sure nothing is going to jeopardise it. The characters are to travel east, 100 miles, to Prudence and see if they can find out what’s going on.

Toten Reich agrees to pay the group 60 coppers a day, in total, for up to 2 weeks of time. He wants word back from them in 2 weeks about what is happening, otherwise he will cease payment until word is received (after 2 weeks are up).

The rest of the morning is spent selling what they don’t want to take with them and buying what they need.

By early afternoon they set off.

Several days of travel get them only 60 miles. It’s tough going – and this is whilst following the relatively easy route of the Interlink. It doesn’t help that on 3rd day they are ambushed by 11 bandits – desperate half starving men who barely have clothes on their ragged bodies.  These men run onto the road in two groups wielding club-like-branches. And then… recognition flashes between Winter and the bandit leader.  It’s Marius! The man Winter and Bela forced away from Fable. Enraged, the 11 men surge in to attack the people who caused them so much trouble. It’s a long a bloody fight.  Neither side are well equipped. But eventually Winter gets into the swing of things with his two tomahawk blades and the new guy, Jean-Luc proves to be especially deadly and bloody with an old farm scythe he’s brought along.

Later that day, coming to the end of an exhausting trek and reaching the 60 mile mark, bloodied and bruised, the team find an abandoned utility building tucked away behind some trees, surrounded by chain link fence long since smashed down in places. The building exudes decay but Alex and Jean-Luc see it is massive and may hold some items of interest. They step inside.  Brendan and Winter are uneasy. Only a couple of miles back they had to skirt the edge of a Dead City.

Cries of panic from inside realise their worst fear is true. Alex and Jean-Luc come dashing outside.  Three Infected in pursuit.  he Infected scream their dry rasping dead shrieks and sprint at the characters.  It’s an especially dark, bloody and gruesome fight… hand to hand, with Winter and Jean-Luc desperately pushing back and slashing with blades, doing nothing but hacking chunks of Infected flesh off these undead monsters until eventually causing enough damage to cause the things to collapse, dead.

Winter’s clothes are covered in Infected gore. He has to strip off to dispose of the garments. (Jacket / Trousers).

Evening of 17th March YD+10.
<> What Clothes is Winter going to wear?
<> Team need to set up a camp.
<> FOllowing day team have still got another 40 miles to travel just to reach Prudence.

Rank rolls required.
All money up to date.
Bela has some raw components and specialised components (written on your notepaper).


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2 thoughts on “Yellow Dawn Session Notes 18th May ¦ Aigues-Mortes – East to Prudence #1

  1. If we had any major issues with Infected in Australia we would be doomed. We have no convenient walled cities or towns down this way. What a cool place to live in.

    • But you could conceivably create something. The biggest asset Australia has is the vast amount of open – rural space. Infected can’t stand being away from urban built up environments (due to the Hasturian hallucinations taking place inside their damaged minds). Thanks for stopping by and leaving words. Djr

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