WiP: The Social Club – 87,000 words

Work in Progress

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Had an absolutely epic writing session this weekend. Two solid days of it. Made great progress with the new book. Senior Verifier Jadon Purgo is now coming out of a decade-old shell. He’s seeing London, or rather the Settlement (what’s left of the city since Yellow Dawn happened and the Group took control) in a wholly new light and he is not liking what he sees. So now the figure of authority is seeking a way out, a way to get past the checkpoints and militia and flamethrowers that aren’t just there to keep out the Infected.  He’s seeing now how they’re also there to prevent anybody who learns the truth about the Settlement (and its true origins) from revealing such knowledge to the rest of the global survivor community.

Also managed to weave-in the cyborg characters I fleshed out for the (post-Yellow Dawn) novel called Dawn of the Iconoclast; a book that’s not yet been written but has a full plotmap ready to roll.  Nice to drop them in with a sort of cameo-role.

The Social Club will be the third novel set in the post-apocalyptic survival horror universe of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur; it follows Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake (which recently received critical review in the Guardian newspaper website UK) – all three of which are separate stories but sharing the one universe.  Another five novels exist taking place in this shared universe before Yellow Dawn wrecked such global havoc and devastation, you can view all of these novels here


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