Sci-Fi Cyberpunk Today: Pop Video from an Orbital Platform Hanging in Space

20 minutes into the Future

Commander Chris Hadfield creates a revised version of  David Bowie’s Space Oddity on board the International Space Station.

Cyberpunks in Space

Cyberpunks in Space

Picture it. The latest rendition of a zombagirl funk track by the Iron Maidens – with a fully animated “living” and decidedly non-breathing, female version of the mummified Eddie, grown from synthetic biology, cavorting with the all-female (some transsexual) members of the band.  Broadcast in ultra-definition, colour corrected (superrealistic) and enhanced with trend-mapping audience-response edits, split and channelled via separate geographic consumer territories, that allow the video to shift through the diverse moods and tolerances of a global market.  The band members rotate through a low-G manoeuvre, pseudo-fornication designed to a “young-adult” theme; everything in perfect sync despite the random chaos of limbs and instruments, and there, in the background, Mother Earth, a blue giant orb streaked with swirls of white, visible through a large hull plate of transparent carboplastic.

All very entertaining, but the first in the historical line of these now familiar media events was a Canadian astronaut with a rather dapper moustache and acoustic guitar.  Commander Chris Hadfield.  This video is fantastic for lots of reasons. The concordance between lyrics and visuals just beautiful. And profoundly thought-provoking. Could David Bowie have ever imagined, really, when first performing this song, that it would be adjusted and re-performed like this, in such a seemingly science-fiction context?  This in the same year that a corporation has stated its aim to send human colonists to Mars in 2023.  Space, at least for now, seems like a viable frontier again.



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