Video: Venice, Spooky Dark Alley and Daylight Piazza San Marco with birds strafing

Venice, Italy



VENICE. Masked Balls and Romance. Maybe on some days but this night found me walking through a city that felt almost deserted and resembling something from a Robert W. Chambers story – where Carcosa infects the very idea of place turning into a shadowy place of slithering shadows and ever-changing features. Venice had a massive impact on my imagination and certainly helped me conjure up my visions of this no-place where Hastur, as the King in Yellow, resides.  You can read more about this in the post-apocalyptic novel The Black Lake (paperback and kindle) which was described as “Atmospheric and Creepy” by the Guardian (UK media).

Venice at night  - Robert W Chambers  - where Carcosa infects reality - Hastur and the King in Yellow

Venice at Night. Silent. Choked by shadows and secrets. Photo: David J Rodger


The brief video then switches to the Piazza San Marco for a bit of daylight gambling with death as birds come strafing in close enough to take off your head. A lovely glimpse of St Mark’s Campanile which is the inspiration for a church tower erected in the North East of England, in a city called Newcastle Upon Tyne. St George’s Church, in Jesmond (or Jesus Mound) has this fantastic tower – which was the iconic structure used in the “Hasturian” short story The Corrupt Moon, available in an anthology of short stories called The Songs of Spheres.


Photo: Jesmond Church Tower Bathed in Golden Winter Light – Newcastle upon Tyne

Photo: Jesmond Church Tower Bathed in Golden Winter Light – Newcastle upon Tyne


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