Video: London 1927 by Claude Frisse-Greene

A moving postcard of the past

This is one of the most profound and engaging glimpses of the past – of a Western city – that I’ve ever seen. Applause go to Tim Sparke for posting it on Vimeo. And to Claude Frisse-Greene, who made this movie as part of a series of travelogues in an age when colour was almost unheard of. Beautiful.

For me, connecting on a personal note, I’ve only ever visited London (clubbing in the 1990s and noughties, and later savouring the history and culture that resides forever there), never lived in the place; but it is a remarkable and fascinating city throughout all ages.  Rather wonderfully, the video focuses a lot on the area of the Thames around Tower Bridge – which is the location of the first scene of the novel I’ve been working on since last year (The Social Club click here to read notes on work in progress). Lovely to see the location in a historical context.


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