Street Art: God Save The Queen – Prefab77

Street Art by Prefab77

God Save the Queen street art by Prefab77

God Save The Queen – Image: Prefab77 all rights reserved

Well this is a surprise. Found this image on the web a while ago and finally found time to post it up here. Did a little digging to see who to credit and I discover it’s by a street art collective from the stomping ground of my early years, the North East of England. Scratching a little deeper I find they’re responsible for the balaclava dude I first noticed bloody years ago on the concrete support pillar heading towards the underpass leading into Brandling Village.  Nice work, guys (and gals).  Good to finally connect a couple of dots as that piece of art always left me intrigued whenever I went “home” and walked around my old haunts.

You should follow the link to learn more about Prefab77 .


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