Yellow Dawn Session Notes 6th April ¦ Aigues-Mortes – Alex and the deserted island #2

Bela, Fable

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by sci-fi & dark fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also now has two novels set within it, Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake.


RESUME Early March  YD +10 (ten years after Yellow Dawn happened)

  • <> Winter and Alex have not returned within the week given to them by the Somali.
  • <> Somali takes it out on Bela. Tells him to take Rico, one of Somali’s loyal thugs, and head north to see if his friends are trying to steal the medical equipment for themselves. Bella is furious. He despises being bossed around and controlled like this.
  • <> That night Bella makes a knife in the forge to use later, intending to kill Rico. But on the journey North he realises Rico is just another grunt doing a job. They don’t become friends but they do get along.
  • <> The journey takes two days. They reach the lake and get rowed across to the island by the guy who took Winter and Alex.
  • <> On the island is a one story house. However, beneath this, Bela discovers a rocky cavern system that takes him down and down. He discovers Alex and Winter held captive at gunpoint by Dr Karlow.  Dr Karlow is a genius scientist who came out here over a decade ago to complete experiments on rejuvenation of tissue. He was driven away by traditional scientists and scorned. But he made great progress here, using a wealthy man who was dying as his primary patient. The man would have lived, grown young and strong again, if his spoilt nephew hadn’t arrived with several lawmen demanding Dr Karlow stop the experiments. It all led the to man dying and to Karlow, the nephew and the lawmen being caught in a freezing mist.  Alex and Winter woke these people up a week ago (by accident).  It led to a situation where the nephew destroyed Karlow’s only copy of the formulae that proved to be so successful… Karlow, enraged, shot the nephew then held the others captive in order to continue his experiments and rediscover the formulae. In the past week his experiments killed all of the captives: Alex and Winter are due to be next.  Bela, however, interrupts proceedings. A ladder is thrown. Dr Karlow nearly has his arm broken. Winter grabs him, knocking gun away and takes control. The situation is resolved.
  • <> Except, the characters now debate what to do with this “treasure trove” of medical lab equipment.
  • <> External factors force their hand: the sister of the missing nephew (over a decade) has used the same information that the Somali was given. She arrives in a Marseilles military helicopter with a handful of heavily armed men. They take Dr Karlow, so he can continue his experiments (for their profit) and they fly the characters back to Aigues-Mortes. Some cash as a small token of appreciation.
  • <> Somali is furious but there is nothing he can do, other than continue his abuse of Bela and the others.
  • <> The C’s are desperate to get away from Aigues-Mortes.
  • <> Baron Toten Reich (mystery man wrapped all in black leather, black cloak, and a black leather face mask) approaches them with a job. Go find a missing girl, the wealthy uncle wants her back, she’s run off with a bandit called Marius.  The Somali will know where Marius is.
  • <> Winter talks to the Somali. Turns out Marius is no friend of his. Marius owes him 2,000 copper. Somali tricks Winter into “buying” the debt. Winter not only has to find Marius, return the missing girl, he now owes the Somali 2,000 copper.
  • <> Winter and Bela head to Fable, 40 miles West. Turns out it is a mission for the Changed. A rambling French villa perched high up on terraced hill, surrounded by frozen vineyards and farmland, and lower down about 30 properties with 100 residents. It’s a nice place and Bela is welcomed. The Mission is run by Samu Fable: elderly, jovial, drinks a lot of wine. Samu knows Marius and despises him because Marius came to the Mission and robbed the place.
  • <> Team manage to persuade the 24 Changed and several locals to join them next day, to confront Marius. The ploy works. Marius is totally intimidated as are his half dozen thugs. Marius ditches the girl like she was Infected. The girl is mortified and furious. She flees but is quickly caught by Winter and Bela.  Marius and his bandits are given basic supplies and told to leave the area forever. The girl returns to the Mission and is happy there. Samu is happy for her to stay.
  • <> The team send word back to Aigues-Mortes about the situation
  • <> That night Bela can’t sleep. Going outside he feels he is being watched from the distant ridge of landscape. Then he sees a large figure step away from cover and mount the back of (what Bela thought was a stunted tree in silhouette) a large, winged beast – which then flaps up into the night sky. Bela thinks maybe he was dreaming.
  • <> The next day the uncle arrives on horseback, along with Baron Toten Reich and three armed mercenaries. These men have a meeting with Samu.  Which leads to Samu asking the girl to leave with her uncle. The girl is horrified and feels betrayed.
  • <> Baron Toten Reich hangs back to discuss a new job with team. He says the Somali has been paid off. (2,000 coppers).  He asks them to return to Aigues-Mortes and then head north, up the coast about 100 miles, where there is a situation he wants them to look into. The team agree.
  • <> That night, Winter indulges himself with a human girl again (Carina) whilst Bela drinks 24-year-old bottle of whisky with a Changed called Adam: later, Bela witnesses something (a warrior orc?) outside the building, observing him, communicating in a tongue that is familiar but he cannot yet understand.  Bela starts to get fleeting glimpses of blue lightning around an ancient tower on the edge of a black lake.

12th MArch YD+10
Bela and Winter are about to leave Fable to return to Aigues-Mortes, meet with Alex and then head North.

All Rank rolls complete
All money up to date.
Bela has some raw components and specialised components (written on your notepaper).


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7 thoughts on “Yellow Dawn Session Notes 6th April ¦ Aigues-Mortes – Alex and the deserted island #2

  1. How did we “buy” the debt? That bloody Somali.

    Still, glad we were extracted from that situation on the island. Hate to ask but what happened to Karlows boat? Did we have to leave it?

    • His boat, along with almost all the valuable items were commandeered by the niece and her men, on behalf of Karlow for his move back to Marseilles. Although it’s probable that the boat got left behind… so if you fancy a trek to check it out. You are heading up that way next. :o)

      Oh I should point out that Winter and Bela acquired a few portable valuables from the lab, selling them back at Aigues-Morte netted you a few hundred each. So you’re all feeling good to have a little cash under your belts.

      • Well with the “good” Doctor finding a new sponsor in the form of the niece, we were lucky to get any loot at all – the boats too cumbersome and I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who live by the lake aquire a new one by the time we go back – and it’s quite a trek anyway.

        Still with a little cash in our hands, we won’t starve. At least not for a few days anyway

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