Best English Breakfast in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the World… the Universe

English Breakfast with extra black pudding:

The Butterfly Cabinet cafe, Heaton Road, Newcastle.

Best English Breakfast in Newcastle Upon Tyne the world the universe - comes from The Butterfly Cabinet cafe in Heaton

Best English Breakfast in the world. Photo: David J Rodger.  The Butterfly Cabinet cafe in Heaton – click full size

It doesn’t get better than this. Quality. Quantity. Price. And the consistency of this cafe’s state of perfection. Every time I have ever gone there in the past few years it is always, without fail, a perfect experience.  I don’t get to Newcastle as much as I used to but it’s a great place to spend time, and the Butterfly Cabinet is always on my itinerary – indeed, I’d go so far as to say it is one of the reasons I make the 320 mile journey every few months.  Click here to check out the breakfast menu for the Butterfly Cabinet. The food is undoubtedly helped by the ambiance of the cafe itself, which is a blend of creative professional, student and locals.  A good mix without a pretentious face in sight. Just good people.  And great food. Top this off with coffee that’s fit for caffeine-junkie like me and well, I just sit there with a grin on my face. It’s the kind of place that leaves the foolish folks who think Newcastle is still locked in the days of Get Carter (1971), with their slack jaws of dismay hanging in their baked beans.

Talking of places with great atmosphere, if you get to The Butterfly and find it so busy there’s a 2 hour queue of folks snaking out the door – happens often so get there EARLY, then I highly recommend you wander 60 seconds down the road to an excellent alternative, a cafe called The Wild Trapeze – this is a place where time and space are at hand to relax without any rush or pressure.


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