Video: Russian indie rock band Biting Elbows blend parkour with ultraviolence in this incredible music video

Bad Motherf_____

An insane office escape II

The music is great.  The video is freaking epic. Cyberpunk Sci-fi fused with the spirit of Tarantino. Warning: video contains scenes of extreme violence, blood, heart-stopping leaps, building plunges that leave you thinking “HTF did they do that?” and some seriously slick production values.


Biting Elbows is a Russian indie rock band from Moscow.  You can grab their album on Amazon.

Biting Elbows Russian indie rock band - album on Amazon

Click to preview / buy album on Amazon


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EDGE { novel } In the near future, a prolific inventor is close to burn out. Desperate for a break he grabs an opportunity to go snowboarding in New Zealand, thinking it will refresh his mind and spirit. But a malign and alien force is oozing back into our reality, older than humankind and growing strong as it emerges after centuries of absence. Zen Dow snowboarding and ski resort, perched in the foothills of the volcanic mountain Ruapehu, is about to experience mind-shredding consequences as one of the Great Old Ones returns. On the other side of the world, an unscrupulous concept scout scrambles onto the trail of a new technology that has vanished from the corporate R&D labs. Quickly out of his depth, it becomes a race to track down the missing components before competing corporate agents kill him. David J Rodger’s trademark relentless narrative pace is here in palm-sweating abundance, delivered in a tense action-packed novel that blends corporate espionage, with a creeping, spine-chilling horror.


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