WiP: The Social Club – 58,500 words

Work in Progress

¦ dialling in from Sky Bunker ¦

A Thursday night. I’ve had several good evenings this week. Managed to press deep into the new book despite losing Tuesday night to a mini-session of Yellow Dawn (RPG); no bad thing. :o)

So currently at 58,500 words on The Social Club and have found a groove where the words are tumbling out and the visuals are carrying me through scenes with that euphoric bliss that makes the process of “writing” what it’s all about.

#  # #

Monday 18th March and another week “lost” to other things. Important things but mildly frustrating to be unable to press ahead with the writing. Got an arctic road trip mapped out for later in the year; most of the transportation booked. A few final arrangements to make. Back in Bristol now after several days away. Working on The Social Club tonight. 55,000 words in.

3rd March

Work in progress: The Social Club. It’s been a very productive weekend so far and it ain’t over yet. 48,000 words and counting for this new novel. Time for a Da Vinci break (I use polyphasic sleep routine) and another mug of coffee.

2nd March

March… means I’m back into writing after taking February “off” from the insane creative drive of the last 3 years – and following on from the three months I took off between September and December when everything in my world seemed so… dark.

Taking February off wasn’t easy to do by the way; almost had fights with myself first weekend of Feb when I headed into town to relax — whilst some other part of my brain was scowling, “what are you doing? Get back home. You should be writing!”Anyhow, I really enjoyed Feb. Managed to do a lot of social things and other bits and pieces that would normally be considered “getting in the way” of the creative process. Have I found balance? Who knows. I’ve now got to cold-start the engine and see if the words will flow — or if I splutter and cough dank fetid fumes from lack of use. Whatever, I’m now back into The Social Club – novel #8 – picking up where I left off: Senior Verifier Jadon Purgo in trouble with the Power of Eight Group in a post-apocalyptic version of London, ten years after the event known as Yellow Dawn struck the Earth.

The Social Club will be the third novel set in the post-apocalyptic survival horror universe of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur; it follows Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake (which recently received critical review in the Guardian newspaper website UK) – all three of which are separate stories but sharing the one universe.  Another five novels exist taking place in this shared universe before Yellow Dawn wrecked such global havoc and devastation, you can view all of these novels here


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