Very smart ideas at a super quick speed – the World’s Fastest Agency defines the hallmark of leading edge marketing and communication strategies

Pay fee, submit idea, receive pitch

World's Fastest Agency logo - very smart ideas at a super quick speed - defines the hallmark of leading edge marketing and communication strategies

Step away from the infinite gravy train of big agencies.  The endless circle of Powerpoint pitch; video, audio and face-2-face meets; scope creep, eternal amends until somebody finally draws a line under the thing that no longer has any resemblance to the original spark.

Here is another brain child from the l’enfant terrible of the international marketing scene: Floyd Hayes, a Brit made good in the US of A, architect of many successful campaigns from big brand names to the small guy on the global village street.
The World’s Fastest Agency.

Get very smart ideas at super quick speed:

From briefing to a creative solution within 24 hours, WFA helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightning fast 24/7 media and social culture.

Our areas of expertise include: tag lines, product and service naming, comms platforms, stunts, PR concepts, experiential, social & guerrilla

WFA offers a simple three step process:

• Step 1: Deposit one-time agency fee $999 via PayPal
• Step 2: Send the brief via twitter Direct Message to @fastestagency
• Step 3: Within 24 hours, clients receive the creative pitch via Twitter DM

WFA is the world’s first 100% Twitter based ad agency and is a subsidiary FHC LLC, a creative marketing and communications consultancy ran by Floyd Hayes.

Hayes is a past winner of the 2008 Mirren Business Forum Pitch Battle where world class teams had four hours to be briefed and pitch a winning concept to a panel of industry experts.


But don’t just take my word for it. The WFA is already generating a swirling vortex of interest. This is something new and exciting. Keep your eyes focussed and your attention set to wide burst scan.

“Very fast, very good.” – Neal Davies, Pitch Judge & Former Partner, Naked.

“Pregnant with marketing genius.” – Adweek



WFA in the media.


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