The King in Yellow: an event in May threatens to see this monster stalk ever deeper into our world and human consciousness

May 17th to 19th 2013

An event that promises to change your world…

Cover of The King in Yellow - a book - a play - a corruptive memetic infection - now used to promote the Goblin Market at Steampunk World Fair - The Darker Side of Victoriana

The King in Yellow – a book – a play – a corruptive memetic infection

It all started in 1891 with Ambrose Bierce and his short story “An Inhabitant of Carcosa”.  Then in 1893 Bierce released “Haïta the Shepherd”. Another two years later, Robert W. Chambers pulled Hastur and Carcosa together, amongst other iconic memes, with his collection of short stories called, aptly enough, The King in Yellow.  Perhaps this malign entity has always been with us – festering in the  oral traditions of storytelling passed down through generations? Or maybe, this terrible phenomenon was somehow invoked within the Victorian period?  Were Bierce and Chamers ever associated with Orbis Tertius and the legend of Tlön?

Regardless of the beginnings, the King in Yellow is now riding the wireless carrier signals, streaming through space (and time) on satellite feeds and gradually, incessantly, corrupting the ideas and thought-patterns of every single mind it touches.

Enter stage left: the folks of Wicked Faire. Builders of unique and unusual shows for unique and unusual people. They are attending this year’s “The Steampunk World’s Fair” and hosting an event within it called the Goblin Market.

Goblin Market - photo of demonic human creature in a cage image John De Cristofaro - all rights reserved

Goblin Market – photo John De Cristofaro – all rights reserved


The Goblin Market presents The King in Yellow: the darker side of Victoriana



Goblin Market - photo of goth girl with devil horn domino mask image John De Cristofaro - all rights reserved

Goblin Market – photo John De Cristofaro – all rights reserved

Seek the darkness and ye shall find a light that burns and blinds until all that is left is the blackness of a world bereft of stars and a Sun that fills the sky with boiling shadows.
– Unknown prophecy quoted by Augustus Northcutt.


If you wish to hurl yourself from the cliff of sanity, clawing at the smoke-like tendrils of madness on your downward plunge in the mistaken belief that chaos will bring about your salvation, then get yourself along to Piscataway, in New Jersey. The rather innocuous sounding Radisson Hotel Piscataway. But then the Dealey Plaza in Dallas was just an innocuous sounding  place until the assassination of John F Kennedy shifted the tilt of the world and flung our Fates in a new direction.

The Goblin Market is an interactive, exhibition and theatre event that deals with a darker and fictional interpretation of what we refer to as Victoriana (1830-1900)  blending surrealistic themes within a historical context.

Within this niche, tucked away in the blinding stage lamps of an unfolding performance, you’ll find a festering boil of corruption waiting to burst upon your senses.


There is a play spoken of behind bookshelves, in hissed whispers, against grainy tapestries, and always behind closed doors. They say it is rumored to be cursed with the very truths of both tragedy and devastation. One might even promise that you will find yourself mad by the second act while others will promise that a few of you may never yet return from whence you came. The play beckons you in ways we dare not describe as … not even we can understand it.

But do not fear, gentle patrons, and those with spirits both curious and in need of our delicate mending in offering our wares, curios, and mysteries at the Goblin Market stalls… the first act promises to excite your minds and tantalize your natures all while narrated by the delicate Camilla and Cassilda, our loveliest performers. You will be delighted and you will be entertained, of that we are certain.

But there yet remains the second act… and with it, dear patrons, the evening will go on… but we promise nothing of who you were as an audience member will be the same as it was before.

Your curiosity is our boon and with it, in our deepest inclinations, we bring to you…

The King in Yellow.


The event is taking place within the Goblin Market, part of The Steampunk World’s Fair being held May 17th to 19th 2013, at the Radisson Hotel Piscataway, 21 Kingsbridge Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854-3920

You can purchase tickets here:

Goblin Market - steampunk girl in gold spandex and leather corset image John De Cristofaro - all rights reserved

Steampunk Girl – photo John De Cristofaro – all rights reserved




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