August 1925 – popular science monthly magazine – how you may live and travel in the city of 1950

A vain hope against congestion

Interesting visualisation of a world only 25 years in the future from when the article was published. That’s an impressive faith in the ability of civil engineers.

Future city streets, says Mr Corbett, will be in four levels: The top level for pedestrians; the next lower level for slow motor traffic; the next for fast motor traffic, and the lowest for electric trains.  Great blocks of terraced skyscrapers half a mile high will house offices, schools, homes, and playgrounds in successive levels, while the roofs will be aircraft landing-fields….


August 1925 - popular science monthly magazine - how you may live and travel in the city of 1950

City of the Future – click full size

1925. The year this image came out was an interesting one.

The “International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts” opened in Paris. An exhibition that epitomized what came to be called “Art Deco” decades later – highlighting a  “modern” style characterized by  streamlined forms with a sleek, machine-age appearance; geometric and symmetric arrangements, and a prominence of motifs that celebrated athletic prowess, power and speed. Lightning flashes and “Aztec” styling infused surfaces that would ordinarily have been plain. Animal forms invited the viewer to feel a new energy and vibrance in their surroundings. A fusion of French Decorative Cubism, German Bauhaus, Italian Futurism, and Russian Constructivism.  All of which seems noticeably absent from the plain, conservative and almost utilitarian creation portrayed in this poster vision of the future.

1925 saw the first demonstration of radiovision! Pictures and sound transmitted five miles from Anacostia to Washington, DC.  In the same year Washington, DC saw 40,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. And biology teacher John Scopes was arrested in Tennessee for teaching Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; found guilty he was fined $100, nearly half the cost of a Thompson submachine gun.

And 1925 saw New York City apparently become the largest city in the world, taking the lead from London – a significant portent of the waning British Empire following the ravages of conflict in the First World War.

New Tokyo – another “city of the future”:

In the novel, Iron Man Project – the main protagonist Jean-Luc Korda travels from the idyllic mountain mansion of the corporate Carthew family in Taormina, Italy, to the massive urban sprawl of New Tokyo in the former US state of Florida – sold by UTOC to a conglomerate of businesses involved in building the world’s largest space port.  It’s a city of contradictions; vast wealth and giant structures fusing organic design with technology, surrounded by rapidly decaying tenement slums as the boom bubble bursts.

Iron Man Project a science fiction cyberpunk thriller by David J Rodger

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Jean-Luc Korda, Head of Security for the Carthew Family – a corporate clan that spans the globe in influence and who have a significant presence in Rodger’s universe. Vincent Brent, ex-military gundog now doing grunt work for a European crime-syndicate, and looking for any way out, looking for a better role to play. Karl Grech, war merchant and corporate spy with a secret he’ll kill for to keep silent. Camille Kuehnhert, a woman enslaved by fear of failure and the accoutrements of success, who must face her demons to escape or die trying. And Lucy, a mysterious young woman on the run from her violent past and the catalyst for the collapse of the house of cards this story wraps around.




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