Personal entry: where I’m at

Dialling in from the Sky Bunker

05:30 GMT. Feels like an age since I’ve done this. Being awake and up at excito’clock and writing anything personal.  Right now the world beyond the glass canopy behind my head is wrapped in snow and ice: Bristol, like most of England, got hit by a massive snow dump on Friday.  Life support is blowing warmth across my lower legs, resting in its faithful position on the floor to the right of my chair – resting on a thin hardback volume about the rather fabulous history of my favourite bar in New York: The Ear Inn (check it out – it’s away from the main drag and is quite a place).

Life’s been busy with Christmas and New Year – hosting friends from Spain, indulging in games, home-cooked meals, wine and cosy nights in front of a roaring fire.  Switching off and taking it easy.

cosy night in front of the fire with friends photo of slippers and wood burning stove

Cosy night in front of the fire with friends. Photo: David J Rodger

I’m back into writing after taking “three months out ” at the end of 2012.   An episode of psychological DOOM that slammed me to the floor and held me there for a while. Back into the flow of The Social Club. Chilly mornings in the Boston Tea Party cafe before work, supping strong Americanos and fleshing out notes with pen in my leather-bound notebook from Santiagio.  Or weekend mornings tucked away in my “new” find, a place I used to go to a decade or so ago – Cafe Amore – just on the edge of Bristol’s city centre.

I’m also doing a LOT of reading.  Keeping the writing in check with some new personal rules about how much time I give to my… obsession.  Reading has become my new pleasure.  Early evenings, me sitting with a pint of dark ale in a “medieval” pub in the cobbled lanes of the Georgian stone spa town of Bath – a book in the other hand. Love it.

Funny, actually, talking to a good friend recently about writing and how I’m keeping it in check: I stopped mid-sentence as a thought struck me, that I was talking about writing as if it was a mental health problem.  My friend chuckled, relating to the idea.  I suppose it has that potential.  The obsession that drives a writer to shape and give birth to new worlds.  Or really to indulge in the self-gratifying experience of spending hours sitting amongst the movie reels and excitement of your imagination.

Well, it looks like it’s going to be another cold day out there.  Time to brew up another coffee and step into Chapter Nine of the new novel in progress.

Have a great day everyone.

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