Interactive workshop: learn how to get your creative products noticed and inject fresh inspiration into your marketing plan

FreeThinking – for Sale

My publicist in New York is the former Creative Director of Cunning – Europe’s first Guerrilla Marketing agency – and has possibly some of the most experienced hands in the industry.

Floyd Hayes

Floyd Hayes former Creative Director of Cunning - Europe's first Guerrilla Marketing agency - experienced hands

Floyd Hayes – hand of experience!

More information about Floyd Hayes can be found here


I’m thrilled to tell you about a new interactive workshop he has developed called, “FreeThinking For Sale.”

It explores guerrilla and non-traditional marketing as well as the creative development  techniques and tips that go towards creating a powerful and effective communication idea.

The online workshop is primarily designed for marketing, communication and advertising professionals.  It will also be of value to people who are generally interested in creative development or simply need some fresh inspiration

I’m certain you will enjoy it and find great value in the proven techniques he shares: boiling down 15 years of experience.

The course can be taken anywhere and at any time of your choosing, so no excuses, sign up today by following this link:


Highly informative, inspirational and entertaining. We’ll have him back next year!

Lili Desrochers, Professor, LaSalle International College of Fashion, Art and Design


Floyd is a really terrific teacher. The class was engaging, informative, and collaborative. The project at the end was a particularly interesting way of applying what we had just learned in practice.

Akaash Achreja, Community Development,


Pregnant with marketing genius.



new interactive workshop explores guerrilla non-traditional marketing and creative development  techniques

Click to preview the workshop


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David J Rodger – DATA



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