Science Fact: colder than absolute zero – scientists produce startling results with rigidly controlled atoms

Objects with negative temperature

Negative absolute temperature - colder than absolute zero and infinitely hot - insights into dark matter and expansion of the universe

Colder than absolute zero and infinitely hot

My science feed spat out a fascinating article that pries away a long-sealed lid on one of the most basic (seemingly) and fundamental aspects of universal physics: temperature, and it’s influence on the distribution and activity of atoms, and pressure.
Or in other words. Here’s a thought-provoking article that shows the first metres of a road that promises to plunge into the heart of the next “science-fiction precedes science fact” revolution.  Tapping into energy drives that are more than 100% efficient.  Hypothetical glimpses of dark matter.

A fragmented sliver of lens that gives a few degrees of vision into the holographic reality god-machine.

“The inverted Boltzmann distribution is the hallmark of negative absolute temperature, and this is what we have achieved. […]   Yet the gas is not colder than zero kelvin, but hotter. It is even hotter than at any positive temperature — the temperature scale simply does not end at infinity, but jumps to negative values instead.”

– Ulrich Schneider, physicist at the University of Munich in Germany.


To visualise the concept of negative temperature, then simply change your view of temperature being a scale that is linear (cold to hot) to one that is a loop. When temperatures go either below zero or above infinity on the positive (hot) region of this scale, they end up in negative territory.

Objects with negative temperatures behave in very odd ways

Energy will always flow from objects with negative temperature to ones with positive temperatures. In this sense, objects with negative temperatures are always hotter than ones with positive temperatures.

When objects with negative temperatures release energy, they can actually absorb entropy – unlike objects that are warm and radiate energy that creates more chaos in the surrounding system.

This surreal advance in how science understands temperature could lead to new engines that could be more than 100 percent efficient, and reveal clues about the mystery of dark energy and what is it that is apparently pulling this universe apart.

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