Dark Art: porthole with giant tentacle – fabulous #Cthulhu #Mythos horror ornamentation for any room

From ArtAkimbo

Dark Art porthole with giant tentacle - fabulous Cthulhu Mythos horror ornamentation for any room by ArtAkimbo

Dark Art porthole with giant tentacle by ArtAkimbo – click full size

Part of a series of images from the shadowy fringes of the Internet.  Visuals that stir my sense for the eerie and macabre.

This is a great piece of visual horror ornamentation, perfect for your writing / gaming den – or more utilitarian areas of your abode if you can get away with it (if the partner shares your macabre taste in decor).

This is a simple but really well put together ensemble that should make a bold (and chilling) impression and anybody who understands the accursed place-name: R’lyeh

Or knows the meaning of the dreaded phrase:

That is not dead which can eternal lie,

And with strange aeons even death may die.


The construction is as follows:
A wooden support structure is built. To this, styrofoam is added and carved into the basic tentacle shape. It is then closely covered in aluminum wire mesh.
In the meantime, newsprint is boiled, then whipped into a mush. The mush is allowed to dry over a period of several days, then it is ground into a fine powder. This is combined with sawdust, glue, starch, linseed oil and a bit of bleach and applied to the mesh by it pushing into the mesh to form a very solid base coat. After this coat dries, it is refined with rasps, and a finer mixture of pulped tissue paper,glue and gypsum is applied and allowed to dry. This makes a very nice finish coat. After it dries, the whole piece is sanded and further refined. Each sucker is built in a 3 stage process over a period of several days.
Once the piece is thoroughly dry, it is painted in many thin layers with an airbrush. The depth of the color is further enhanced by a finish coating of highly glossy shellac.
The end product is both lightweight and quite durable.

The porthole is made of plywood and medium density fiberboard, coated with copper paint and chemically patinated to it’s lovely blue green hue.
It can also be made in a rusted iron, a blackened iron or a weathered brass finish.

Vital Stats:

The porthole is 14 3/4″(38cm) in diameter.
The tentacle reaches approximately 36″(79cm) into the room.


Made-to-order versions available from artist, visit the ArtAkimbo website or Etsy for details.


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