WiP: The Social Club – the next post-apocalyptic “Yellow Dawn” novel

Work in Progress

The Social Club. 38,700 words. I’m definitely getting back into my groove.  It’s been a troubled novel.  I started summer last year (after completing The Black Lake) but decided to stop writing all together in September due to stuff going on in my life.  Nice to have my mojo back after 3 months of hell.  And I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.  Certainly enjoying writing it and getting into living with the characters.  No Cthulhu Mythos horror in this one. Although there are The Infected, things that Jo Public call Zombies but are much much worse.

The Social Club is a proper detective novel but one set in the post-apocalyptic universe of Yellow Dawn – in London, taken over by the Power of Eight (Business Cult). So I guess it has more in common with the pre-Yellow Dawn crime-thriller Dante’s Fool.

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