Yellow Dawn Session Notes 15th December 2012 ¦ Return to Little Boston – Roots #1


Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by sci-fi & dark fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also now has two novels set within it, Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake.


At New Boston, about to set off to the small settlement of Chambrig on request of Captain Kennedy who has close friends whose daughter has “run away” – he’s too busy with training new police recruits in New Boston.  Meanwhile, Josh is abruptly suffering terrible pains in his joints, his skin is starting to discolour and ugly lesions are rapidly forming on his flesh. Any initial attempts to perform a ritual of cleansing fail. And then he gets a radio message from Dr Zach to say that a very disturbing statue has appeared on the roof of the main building in Little Boston – he recognises it as the item the team discussed on their return from Horror on the Orient Express and has made sure nobody touches it – but, can Josh come back and URGENTLY remove it as it is causing a bad vibe at the settlement.

  • Team depart New Boston and return little Boston.
  • Josh, Marcus, Paul and Clint head up to roof and find Sedefkar Simulacrum there. Clint finds himself entranced by it whilst Paul and Marcus hang back. Josh performs Ritual of Cleansing and suffers fear and terror for an hour after – but the effects of corruption vanish.
  • Team head back to New Boston then on to Chambrig – meet parents and young brother sister of Karen.
  • Paul gets photo of Karen.
  • Josh finds second letter in Karens room (but that’s all).
  • Team walk to campsite that night, interview Ali’s parents, then Ali and Max and Steve – discover that Karen didn’t have argument or run away but left according to a plan – heading west, heading towards Gerlock along the eroded road.
  • Sleep at campsite – although Paul forced to sleep on his own by a fire pit near woods due to his nocturnal condition.

Monday 26th Sept YD+1

  • Team wake up to sound of wood being chopped.
  • Try to interview and angry young man with a jeep but he tells them to mind their own business (fuck off) and drives away.
  • Team head West on foot – to find angry young man being held up by UDP militia on a road block.
  • Team visit gas station and tell Chris and woman there they’re heading to Gerlock looking for missing girl.
  • Team finally reach Gerlock around 6pm, both Josh and Clint are suffering aches and pains from a whole day walking (25 miles).
  • Town has about 90 residents with a 3:1 female to male ratio.
  • Healthy, vibrant looking people. Simple but quality lifestyle – less survivors of Yellow Dawn and more like, they’ve just always been there, getting on with life.
  • Encounter Cynthia / Janine on road with young girl and boy.
  • Josh, exhausted from walk talks Cynthia up on offer for a place to stay – goes to her house. crashes on sofa whilst she cooks him spicy food; as he eats she tells him how lonely it is living here without a man in the house. Josh gets a bad vibe about eating the food – and doesn’t, just leaves.
  • A group of men hang about in centre of town square – watching the characters with muted interest. When characters try to talk to them they slink off, not interested in much conversation (they’re all strong bodied, able looking men; manual workers on the farms etc).
  • Clint, Paul, Marcus visit Sheriff, only get to talk to Deputy Steel – he asks them to place weapons in his locker.
  • He takes them to see Joy –
  • Joy readily admits to sending letters to Karen and is a little bothered that Karen has gone missing, probably whilst on way to see her – but not as bothered as maybe she should be.
  • Clint accepts offer to spend night at Joys.
  • After a shower he finds his clothes gone – he flees house, climbing through bathroom window wearing just a towel – it’s a little before sunset. He runs across a garden to a woodshed; a few minutes later the neighbours (women) lead Joy to where he’s hiding. Are you OK they ask? Perplexed.  Clint goes back inside with Joy – but then runs away again, into the night. Later he’s picked up by Deputy Steel for being a weirdo. Arrested, he’s locked in cells.
  • Josh, Marcus, Paul, meet the old man who runs the general store. He doesn’t seem too bothered about life in Gerlock; been here all his life, nice place – even if the woman are a little forward.
  • Josh does go back to Cynthia, apologising for behaviour – spends night with her. She tries it on but he avoids her seductions.
  • Marcus sleeps at Janine’s house – yet to be described (Next Session).
  • Paul sleeps at Connies house – yet to be described (Next session).
  • Nobody has been to visit Father Allberry yet or been into the Diner.

Evening of 26th Sept YD+1 (Monday) For Marcus and Paul. And Early AM of 27th Sept for Josh and Clint.


  • None


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