Photography: Lip gloss and sex – Christel B delivers a unique flavour to fashion and beauty

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Photography Lip gloss and sex - Christel Bangsgaard delivers a unique flavour to fashion and beauty

Lip gloss and sex – image by Christel Bangsgaard – all rights reserved

This is just one of many images that Christel Bangsgaard has crafted that strikes the perfect chord. Like a chime resounding from crystal. Her images strike your senses and reverberate in some particular way that generates waves of pleasure.

Bouncing between the mellow cobblestone harbour area of Copenhagen and the hyper-energy streets of New York, Christel Bangsgaard is a professional photographer who is recently grabbing the media limelight and industry attention.

From close up lips, to eyes with vivid make-up, to fashion model shots – there’s a unique flavour to her composition and colourings that just makes her work very special to engage. Her models rarely look like injection-moulded mannequins fixed rigidly in some posture of the poseur. Rather, Christel B’s models come out with warmth and sensuality that invites you closer, seductive and charming.  The open mouth with parted lips that suggest pleasures to be received – or given.

I’d highly recommend you dig through her online portfolio –


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