Music to write to – sounds for inspiration and evocation – Descent by Sarah Badr

Music to write to


Photograph by Christer Fredriksson – Available in print from Art.Co.Uk

I find it so difficult these days to find music that really inspires me. Not from lack of choice but perhaps too much of the same. There are grades of talent, like any creative output, and once I find an artist that fulfills my taste within that grade – all other artists have to match otherwise I just don’t gel with their sounds.  Hybrid, for example, top of their game in the sci-fi dramatic soundscape.  Solar Fields, top of the pack for moody ambient electronica.  Gary Numan, the grand grampy of left field electro fused with punk, rock and a more recently emerging NIN industrial vibe.

Thanks to the mailing list of A Strangely Isolated Place (.com) I’ve now discovered the seriously brain tweaking talents of Sarah Badr.  Working under the project name of FRKTL (frāk’təl), Badr is an audiovisual artist and experimental composer with output created through signal processing, field recording, and live instrumental sampling.

Her track, DESCENT, is free to listen to via Soundcloud (click)

It’s in a similar vein to her debut album, the highly engaging, atmospheric, scene-setting and idea provoking Atom.

Atom by FRKTL (frāk'təl) solo electronic project Sarah Badr

Atom by FRKTL (frāk’təl) – click to preview / buy via Bandcamp

Available on Bandcamp for $5:

Free Download

You can grab a free download of B-Sides for the Atom concept here:


Other links for Sarah Badr (FRKTL)

Bandcamp | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Discogs | | Spotify


A Strangely Isolated Place (.com)

If you’re into ambient and electronic then I highly recommend you subscribe to ASIP’s website. Every few days he (Ryan) drop’s an audio treat into your inbox.


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