Magic and imagery ¦ Astral Dreaming, photograph by Sofia Ajram

Astral Dreaming

Astral Dreaming - Magic and Imagery - Sofia Ajram Montreal based photographer and digital artist

Astral Dreaming by Sofia Ajram – All Rights Reserved – Click Full Size

Part of a series of images from the shadowy fringes of the Internet.  Visuals that stir my sense for the eerie and macabre.

If you look at the gallery of images by Montreal based photographer, Sofia Ajram, you’ll find yourself instantly dragged (willingly & seductively) into a universe of paganism and the female principle in magick.  Ajram’s images conjure up echoes of the five eerie photos of the Cottingley Fairies taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths at the start of the 20th Century.

This image really strikes me because of the beautiful sense of magic (positive in nature) that exudes from the sleeping, dreaming, spirit-travelling character.  The room, the whole setting, possesses a story.  And at the heart of the story, it’s as if her physical reality is being warped by the deep gravitational pull of distant galaxies as her mind tumbles through space and time to journey amongst the immortal architects of this construct we call a world. She has become a conduit to the physical defying powers of the Elder Gods – allowing a backwash of esoteric light particles to flood into the room. And to invade you, the casual voyeur of this remote moment snapped by a digital camera, to seep into your consciousness even now as your eyes scan words on this screen, your brain registering the fact that like a neurolinguistic virus, the idea has been planted, the seed taking root within the creative / spiritual centre of your mind – so that the magic (positive) will carry forward through different places and a universe of different people. Look at this image and have a wonderful day.


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