Personal blog: going through the hell of insomnia until Sonja Carigiet saved my soul

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Without going into nitty-gritty specifics, my life took an abrupt and traumatic turn back in September. Since then, I’ve been caught in an almost perfect-storm of stress as various situations have arisen around the same time.  This led to me stopping all writing.  And I’ve been living in a sort of slowly grinding hell.  One outcome of this was recently, during a prolonged period of days where every night I went to bed I was unable to sleep.  My mind wouldn’t switch off. After a couple of days of this it started to get to the point where I was dreading going to bed because of the tortuous experience of spending the whole night trying to drift off, only to get up several dozen times, unable to relax or do anything but pace around the house at night.  And with no creative outlet, the empty space of unused time just swallowed me up.  After 10 days of this I was in a seriously bad state.  I thought I was going mad.

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Enter Sonja Carigiet, stage left.  A good friend of mine and a professional massage therapist of 20 years and more.  As soon as she realised what was going on she got me over to her studio and worked on me for an hour and a half: a total body heat massage, where she uses these soft, squishy, dough-like orbs wrapped around her hands – they radiate heat.  It was incredible.  I had to fight to stay awake (I didn’t want to ruin my chance of sleeping later).  Afterwards I got a lift home and that night slept like I’ve never slept before.  And I’ve been sleeping every night since.  Amazing what somebody can do for you in just an hour with some heat-radiating soft pads. No doctors.  No medication.  Just some healing hands to give my mind and body a jump-start towards self-recovery.

I’m hoping this post gets picked up as a testimonial for Sonja Carigiet’s incredible skill as a massage therapist.

If you live or work in Bristol, and you’re interested in what she does, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling a gradual return of my native passion for writing.  Hopefully I’ll be resuming with the next novel to be set in the post-apocalyptic world of Yellow Dawn, The Social Club, once I’ve swung my life back onto some reliable tracks.


Sonja Carigiet – SMC Massage
e-mail : smc.massage(AT)
mobile : 079 299 768 54


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