Cyberpunk Tech Today ¦ Nigel Ackland fitted with cybernetic prosthetic hand – and feels human again

Cyberpunk Technology

Nigel Ackland suffered a debilitating injury at work and after 6 months of operations and infection, elected to have the damaged part of his limb surgically removed below the elbow. In its place he’s opted to have the £12,000 cybernetic forearm-hand by Be-Bionic, fitted and wired into his nervous system.  He’s able to undertake moderate dexterity tasks such as tie his shoelaces, shake hands and even pick up eggs and touch-type.  It’s not the dystopian view of the human psyche collapsing into violent cyberpsychosis.  Early days and the start of more visible machine-human augmentation in everyday life.

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Iron Man Project - a cyberpunk thriller by British sci-fi cyberpunk author David J Rodger

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IRON MAN PROJECT { novel } Ex-special forces man, Vincent Brent, is tough, ruthless and highly trained; he’s now using his skills for whoever will pay him without cashing in the bounty on his head. In this world of the near future, the UN has failed. Wars are fought in boardrooms through attorneys and politics, and on our streets with private armies of military or criminal assets. In Sicily, the Chief of Security for one such corporate alliance struggles to survive as hidden forces attempt to manipulate him for their own ends. Both these men find their fates intertwined. In the cross-hairs of powerful adversaries, they must both make decisions of life and death in a choice between command and conscience. David J Rodger’s trademark unforgiving rendering of brutal reality, and relentless narrative pace, are here in palm-sweating abundance, delivered in a complex novel that will keep you turning pages until the end.


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