Yellow Dawn Session Notes 20th October 2012 ¦ Return to Little Boston – Ghost Dog #2

Ghost Dog

Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, first published in 2007,  is an RPG written by sci-fi & dark fantasy author David J Rodger – it blends the Cthulhu Mythos and cyberpunk genres in a post-apocalyptic setting. It also now has two novels set within it, Dog Eat Dog and The Black Lake.


Resume 2 A.M on 21st Sept Y+1
Characters turfed out onto the streets of New Boston, with Andrew.
Truck and weapons are locked up by main entrance.

Josh applies magical energy to Andrew’s wounds, providing some relief but he is still terribly weak and confused.

Team take him back to truck to rest; but later that morning Captain Kennedy finds them and takes custody of Andrew again.  The team get involved in research after a ghostly apparition daubs the name Kenley on a smudged bit of glass. They eventually find that Kenley died during 1600s trying to protect a young woman that he’d foolishly fallen in love with – despite being married himself. The young woman was accused and eventually charged with being a witch. Both Kenley and the woman were executed on Kenley’s estate – on request of his pregnant wife, who watched on, spiteful and pleased to be exacting revenge for this embarrassing affair.

However, the young woman was able to imbue part of her energy / soul into the unborn child – and so formed a guardian spirit (hound) that travelled with the bloodline through history.

Team track down the estate and Tempest mansion in a remote area 15 miles north-west of New Boston. They go there – encounter a small frightened community of survivors: a man recently arrived at the abandoned mansion, full of strange questions and frightening abilities (A road mage).

The team approach the abandoned estate cautiously. Three cats…. actually 3 demons – protect the boundary and there is a tense amount of conflict as the demons attack the team. Eventually the road mage himself comes out and takes on the team personally – and would have probably destroyed all of them if it wasn’t for the curious abilities (extra power and protection) of Joshua Crow (thanks to Sedefkar Simulacrum he was tricked into activating at the end of Horror on the Orient Express).

Marcus is temporarily blinded and Josh is hit by a pile-driving blow of raw energy (bouncing off his magical aura).

With the road mage dead – the demon cats disperse (the two that were physically destroyed failed to take possession of Josh, Clint or Marcus).

The team investigate the estate and discover an opened grave by the base of the great tree;  there lies the skeleton of the young woman executed as a witch several hundred years earlier –  the team deduce the road mage was trying to use occult powers to sever the link between the corpse and the protective hound, with the intention of taking control of it for malign purposes – and at the expense of murdering Andrew (to break the link).

Consequences are that Andrew is saved – he makes a full recovery and gets to publish his article about the low-level criminals taking hold of the north end of New Boston; the result is that Captain Kennedy gets more resource to police that part of the town.

At New Boston, about to set off to the small settlement of Chambrig on request of Captain Kennedy who has close friends whose daughter has “run away” – he’s too busy with training new police recruits in New Boston.  Meanwhile, Josh is abruptly suffering terrible pains in his joints, his skin is starting to discolour and ugly lesions are rapidly forming on his flesh. Any initial attempts to perform a ritual of cleansing fail. And then he gets a radio message from Dr Zach to say that a very disturbing statue has appeared on the roof of the main building in Little Boston – he recognises it as the item the team discussed on their return from Horror on the Orient Express and has made sure nobody touches it – but, can Josh come back and URGENTLY remove it as it is causing a bad vibe at the settlement.


  • All characters HAVE received COOL rewards for succeeding in the scenario.
  • All characters do need to attempt a RANK ROLL
  • Josh needs to resolve the issue with his rapid deterioration
  • Review Augustus Clay III actions within Little Boston / involvement with Captain Kennedy in a certain prohibited group activity and the proximity / attitude of the nearby UDP garrison.


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