Sci-fi cyberpunk technology today: Lilitab pushes the user-interface experience across the event horizon


Lilitab iPad kiosk  sci-fi cyberpunk technology today

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It might not look like much but it’s often the small and simple things that bring about big paradigm shifts in this interconnected world.  In this case it’s an iPad slotted into a kiosk.

No ordinary kiosk.

The Lilitab is the cumulation of distilled design and engineering to bring about something that an industry expert could hold up to the cold light of an AI sensory lens and share the harmonious sound of: ah! Perfection.

Or, in more relative terms, the Lilitab should swiftly please such people as the senior operations officer for security at any corporation or venue; the curator of any museum exhibit or art installation; purchasing and sales managers for consumer outlets; trade show organisers and even the managers of IT / customer service help desks.

Modular functionality and customisable branding.  Do not be fooled by the sleek simple lines.   The PR buzz building up around Lilitab is something to take notice of.

It is available with or without a credit card swipe and is completely compliant with the new ADA 2012 requirements. Customize the lilitab with your company logo, color or even custom electronics it’s the most flexible iPad stand & iPad mount on the market. 

– Lilitab Kiosks


What I really like about this wafer of industrial design is its future longevity.  When iPads fall by the wayside to the next social-technology tsunami (next-gen slates, touchable light displays) the kiosk itself will be simple to upgrade and adapt.

Adam Aronson, based in San Francisco, founded Lilitab in 2011. An award-winning kiosk designer, Aronson has been designing custom kiosk enclosures for public-use environments since 1994.

This is a thumbs-up for that man bringing something that could belong to Sci-fi into our over-complicated, glyphical world.

Visit Lilitab website




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